Bathtubs and Showers

Bathtubs and Showers


Take the hassle out of your bathroom remodelling and use decorastone on your tubs and surfaces

  • In addition to kitchens we are also expects on transforming bathrooms.
  • We offer bathtub resurfacing in solid white and from install to use within 24 hours. Tiles can be done in the same white or multiple other colors.
  • Decorastone is an excellent product for situations where the tub in your bathroom needs a refreshed look but removal is difficult or would cause substantial damage to other areas.
  • Traditional 5ft tubs that have not been resurfaced, have no jets and no shower doors typically cost $500 to be reglazed. If your tub is oversized or a unique shape, please send us photos to receive your estimate!
  • Get a new tub without all the damage of removing. No floor repair costs, no retiling the walls. If the wall tile is dated that can be reglazed as well.

Plumbing Services

Our team also provides plumbing services for those jobs that come up during home remodelling and renovation. 

  • Many customers request new sink installations while we work and to have the olds sinks removed.
  • We can effortlessly schedule plumbing services along with decorastone installations and are able to schedule the plumbing services during evenings to match your work schedule.

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