Cultured Marble

Cultured Marble


Cultured marble sinks are often custom shapes and sizes making them very expensive to replace with new, but decorastone is not restricted to any particular shape or size so getting a new look is quick, easy and cost effective.

Cultured marble is often a very soft product that scratches and stains very easily, while decorastone is actually a harder product to stain and scratch and easier to clean making Decorastone the perfect choice for your bathroom remodelling projects.

Tile & Decorastone

Tile can also be resurfaced using our system. With decorastone we will happily resurface your shower tiles and shower floors as well as kitchen backsplashes and countertops.

  • decorastone has excellent adhesion to tile surfaces, and is a quick and easy installation just like the rest of our work.
  • We apply our product to both the tile and grout however the profile of the tile remains.
  • Grout is typically stained and discolored, our product will give it new life & make it difficult to stain or discolor in the future.

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