General Information

decorastone is applied directly to your existing countertop, makes the countertop seamless, and is completed in one day.  No sink removal is required, no damaged tiles, no fuss/mess or hassle and is a fraction of the cost of replacement.

We currently service southern Alberta and most of New Brunswick including Calgary, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Fredericton, Moncton and Saint John.  We also service a large number of the smaller areas near these cities, too many to mention.  Please contact us with your location

Most kitchens take one day to complete, however large or complicated ones may require a second day. 

Damaged countertops can be repaired.  Burns, bubbled seams, water damaged, loose laminate, etc can all be fixed.  On the rare occasion we can’t fix the countertop or it’s too expensive, we will let you know before we begin.

You can use your countertop as soon as we leave!  decorastone is not a paint, it does not need to dry.  It’s an industrial product that is cured with a UV and instantly hardened.

There is virtually no risk to your existing tile as we are not removing your countertop, we are simply recoloring it.

There is an odour during the refinishing process.  The amount depends on the amount of repairs.  The odour does dissipate relatively quickly, with most odours gone 2-3 hours afterwards.  Next day most customers cannot smell anything. 

Yes our product is very environmental friendly!  We are keeping your existing countertop out of the landfill, plus our products contain very little VOCs.

decorastone has been applied in homes since 2004.  The product has evolved and improved over the years, but different versions of the product have been used for over 13 years.

Yes!  The best place to view customer feedback is on homestars.com and houzz.com.  Look in the city of Calgary under the Calgary Countertops profile.

decorastone can be applied to laminate countertops, ceramic tile, cultured marble and many other surfaces.

No, there is no stone in our product.  We do have patterns that mimic stone or quartz and because there are no laminate lines or seams, they give the illusion of a solid surface.

Yes!  Please contact us for a free in-home quotation

It is not as common, but we can resurface both surfaces.  However we do not resurface Corian kitchen sinks.

We can either resurface or save your existing wood trim.  We charge slight extra to cover it as it requires more time to clean, however most people proceed in order to get the look of stone.

It’s very difficult to add to your existing countertop, but not impossible.  Please contact us for an estimate and we can better discuss this in person while viewing your plans and situation.

Our quotations are free!  We’ll explain the product, bring samples and provide you a price so you can see how we compare to other options.

Pricing & Payment

decorastone is not available at the box stores.  The DIY products are designed for the average homeowner to use and are not UV curable.  Our UV curable product is much harder and ready to use instantly, plus we do the installation and cover it with 5 year warranty.

The typical kitchen costs $950 plus tax, but does vary by size.  Small are less, large are more.

We do not require a deposit to book an installation.

We do not charge for estimates.

We do not have showroom. Most customers prefer to see the samples in their home. We must also see your countertop in person to provide an accurate price estimate, so for those reasons we prefer free in-home quotations

We do have sales from time to time.  Please check our promotions page or follow us on social media.

We appreciate and depend on referrals but at the moment do not offer an incentive to promote our product.  We hope to earn you referral with good work and excellent service!

Our product is often much less expensive, looks better and does not lead to other renovation work such as new tile, new drywall, new sink, etc.  We give you a new look in one day without the hassle.

We accept cash, visa, mastercard, paypal, cheque and interac e-transfers.

Pre Installation

Unfortunately customers cannot install our product.  It’s a highly specialized product requiring special UV curing equipment that costs thousands of dollars, not economical for the homeowner to use once.

We do take care to cover your cabinets and floors.  If our product does accidentally get on another surface in most cases we are able to clean it up with no damage.

We also offer a low gloss finish, as everyone has their own preference.

Please view our gallery page to view the available colors. Note that we don’t recommend you pick from the website, we’ll have actual color samples at your free in-home quotation.

You do not need to be home during the installation process, our installers often work alone.  As long as we have access to your house and water (for cleaning) we are ok to work alone.

You do not need to remove your faucets, however if we go around them they are more difficult to replace later.  Not impossible, but you would need to get a faucet with a bigger base, not smaller.

It is not recommended to convert to an undermount sink.

You do not need to remove your sink, we go around sinks about 70% of the time.  However if you want a new sink this is the time to do it, have it out and put the new one in when we are done. If you leave your sink in and want to change it in the future it’s possible, but you’ll need a sink with a bigger lip so the old countertop will not show.

If your seams are bubbled we’ll cut out and remove the bubbled area.  Seams will be filled with a special filler that essentially turns your countertop into a single piece…there will be no seams once we are done.

We do installations on weekdays, but weekends are sometimes possible for businesses and offices that require it. In this case we do charge extra for weekend installations.

Post Installation

We do have a 5 year warranty.  The warranty does not cover wear and tear, but we do guarantee the product will not peel or fade.  If you have any issues or are unsure if your product is covered, simply send us some pictures by email.  In the worst case if there are issues not covered under warranty, they can often be fixed for a very nominal fee. 

Our product has similar features to laminate.  It is rated to approx 300F. Customers should use pads underneath hot pots and cutting boards under knives.  In sinks, showers and bathtubs ensure faucets are not leaking as the product does not like to be wet 24/7.

Yes!  Our product can be repair and restored to new for very little cost.

You would want to treat our product the same way as laminate. Pads under hot pots, cutting boards under knives.