How it Works

How it Works

The entire process is completed in just 1 day and is divided into major 3 steps:

Decorastone's 3 steps, 7 Layers process

step one

Preparation & Repair

step two


step three

UV curable clearcoats

Step 1 – Preparation and Repair

The first step in virtually all areas is silicone removal. Nothing bonds to silicone, it needs to be removed entirely. Following removal the surface is extensively cleaned and repaired. Part of this process is cleaning with a special cleaner and abrasion of the laminate, often with special diamond pad. Repairs follow, and there is virtually no limit to the amount and type of repairs that can be completed. Weak or water damaged wood can be replaced, loose laminate reattached, burns filled, seams cut and filled, etc. Although most countertops can be repaired, some damage is so bad it is no longer cost effective to do so. Contact us or send us photos if you are unsure.

Step 2 – Application

The second step starts with the application of the adhesion coat – a product that is designed to bond to your original surface. Within 30 minutes of the adhesion cost application is the aesthetic coat – the colors and designs of your choice. This application technique can vary depending on your design. Some designs use a large amount of water and do require some drying, but normally this does not take more than 60-90 minutes. The aesthetic coat is often an acrylic coloring system. It does nothing for durability, only provides the overall look and design of the finished product.

Step 3 – UV Cureable Clearcoats

The final 3-4 layers are proprietary industrial clearcoating system that is UV curable – cured instantly with light. Each layer is a applied, cured sanded with the exception of the final coat. There are a variety of layers, each with a unique purpose. This clearing system provides the durability required for heavy use areas such as kitchen countertops and is significantly different than any clearcoats available at box or paint stores. It’s a highly specialized system typically used in manufacturing.

The entire process is usually completed in a day and is ready to use immediately! Some larger jobs take 2 days and multiple surfaces (kitchen countertop AND kitchen tile) will also take multiple days.

Note that our bathtub reglazing is not UV curable and therefore not ready to use immediately but can be back in service within 24 hours.

To learn more and to see samples in your home call or book a free in-home quotation!